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Official Rules & Regulations

First Mile Auto strictly follow by these sets of rules to govern the sales and procedure upon all purchases done by our valuable customers and our honest fellow sales advisors.

1. Payment on car purchases strictly to be paid to the company by all means. Be it a booking, top up payment or final payment, will be strictly paid to the company bank accounts. Payment by bank transfer to fellow sales advisor is highly unadvisable. Please do request for receipt upon making payments.

2. The purchase order would be needed to officiate the deal as an agreement to be understood by both the customer and our sales person on to the terms and condition of the car purchase. Bear in mind about these details which is :

a) Purchase Price with or without GST
b) Details of the car eg. year of manufactured, chassis number and car model
c) Loan amount
d) Pre-loved car trade in value in terms of RM, number plate registered and distinctly the year of manufactured (loan outstanding with bank should also be stated if there is any, also terms and condition on the collection of the said car.
e) Purchaser will need to sign on the bottom of the Purchase Order to officiate the deal

3. Banking facilities will be solely done by FMA sales advisors through the company’s trusted banking panel ship. All private and confidential information of the car will not be disclose to third party individuals other than the sales advisors and the purchasers and the company’s banking panel ships.

4. Estimation of car delivery will be 14 to 21 working days after Purchaser’s bank loan finance has been approved and signed as to agree to proceed with the purchase. At times repairing work, refurbishment process and JPJ registering/interchange procedures may cause delivery to be delay,┬átherefore we hope our value customers to be patient but with excitement for the car to be deliver.

5. Warranty packages are always available to be purchase for your car, please seek up to date advisory from our honest sales advisors for the promotion, term and conditions of the said warranty packages. Important note, all cars sold are without warranty therefore the need to secure your purchases with our effecient warranty panel ships is highly advisable.